A New Creation

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Beauty Among Ashes

About a year ago I discussed with a dear friend at work about forming a blog. We sifted through names and ideas and I set a goal to launch my blog at the beginning of the year. New year. New me.  Well here I am, at the end of 2018 FINALLY making my first post. FINALLY having the courage to type what has been so raw and so real to me.

When I prayed about my blog and how it could reach someone, the words “beauty among ashes” kept repeating in my mind. You see, I have come to a breaking point in my life. Several actually, within the last year, since I declared I would vulnerably share my story. All these breaking points, the shattering of me, like delicate glass hitting the counter have left me broken. Not the same. I cannot fill my cup with the things I used to be able to fill it with. As every time I tried, my poorly put together version of myself springs a leak. Broken. Shattered. Parts of me were so broken that the remnants are simply dust. Dust and ashes. You cannot glue that back together.

As I have reached the very end of myself, to the point where I sorrowfully prayed for hours, on a tear soaked pillow, God has shown me through His words and the encouraging words of others: “I am the Potter”. Yes, this dust I find myself grasping only to see it slipping through my fingers is the very thing that God wanted for my life. I am currently reading Lysa TerKeurst’s new book: “It’s Not Supposed to be This Way” and I love her analogy that God utilizes that dust to form clay.  From that clay, He can mold us into the very thing that He wants: in His likeness. If I just let Jesus take that dust, He can make clay of my life. Just like He spit in the sand and put his self-made mud (yeah, kinda nasty, I know) on the blind mans eyes so he could see, Jesus is doing that to my life. To YOUR life. Beautiful brush springs up from the very places fire destroyed. The ash that resulted from a very powerful element acts as a fertilizer to bring new life. To start over.

So, for this very first blog post. I hope all of you, whoever you are out there, join this journey of life with me. I hope I can encourage you in your broken places. I hope that my story and sadness reach your heart so that, you too, may rise and embrace the beauty among the ashes.

❤ A

1 thought on “A New Creation”

  1. Alex this is simply beautiful and delicate and pure. I look forward to many more of your posts. One thing I have always admired about you is your grace you have maintained through every trial and tribulation you face face!

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